HB-Gramos facade tiles

HB-Gramos facade tiles are manufactured mechanically from concrete using a single layer method. Owing to a multi-staged vibration, compaction and suction process HB-Gramos tiles are extremely dense and their surface is virtually non-porous. The tiles can be attached to the facade with aluminium profiles or they can be used as the prefabricated concrete elements' frontal surface. HB-Gramos facade tile models can be freely selected from our standard selection or a separate model can be manufactured according to special requirements.

HB-Gramos tile dimensions

to elements with aluminium profile
297x297x16 mm 297x297x25 mm
597x297x19 mm 597x297x25 mm
400x400x19 mm 400x400x25 mm
700*452*27 mm 700*452*27 mm

HB-Gramos terrazzo facade tiles are manufactured with automatic machinery using an advanced single layer method where tiles are made in moulds by pressing and vacuum treatment. Tiles are grey or white cement bonded single wearlayer terrazzo products that can also be dyed to achieve the desired colour. The aggregate chips used are 0-16 mm in diameter, depending on the tile thickness and design.

After pressing, the tiles are cured for at least day and night in a steam kilns. The backs of hardened tiles are ground to improve grip (for attachment as element surface) and an automatic polishing line is used to achieve the required level of polish on the surface of the tiles. After polishing grooves are sawed to edges if attachment is going to be done with aluminium profiles. After that tiles can even be treated with antigraffiti agent if needed.

Basic profile, MGAL1 Start/end profile, MGAL11